A Community Based Low-Cost Prescription Drug Plan

A community approach to
prescription medication coverage.

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The goal of CoPharm is to reduce the cost of prescription medication for the members of cooperatives and credit unions.
Brought to you by the Nova Scotia Cooperative Council, CoPharm was created in collaboration with our partner Genrus, a prescription savings program.

CoPharm aims to solve Canada’s pharmacare challenge by providing access to prescription savings reaching 30-50% off everyday prescription costs through a network of local pharmacies.

Pay Less for Your Prescriptions

CoPharm is available to anyone regardless of their annual income, credit score or employment status. Everyone deserves access to needed medication at a reasonable cost.

We believe in the power of unity and the resources of our communities. That is why we partner with independent pharmacists to deliver the program.

Subscribers not only access the medication they need at an affordable price, but they also empower their local economy.

Message from The Nova Scotia
Cooperative Council:

“The last thing people should be worrying about during this economically trying time is being able to
afford the everyday prescription medications they need to stay healthy. We hope this program will help
ease the financial burden and stress on those who are vulnerable in our region.”

Dianne Kelderman, CEO

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Save as much as 60%-80% on your prescription medications.

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